Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ten songs I really loved in 2012

2012 favourites by shiftlessLL on Grooveshark

2012 seemed to be one of those years where there was just SO MUCH great music. So I decided to throw together a playlist of some of my favourites. Coincidentally, there are 10. I didn't plan that. I'm sure there are more songs if I put a little more thought into it.

I had to start the playlist with Garbage, because anyone who knows me knows I'm a superfan, and being that the band put out its first album in SEVEN years and sounds as good as ever, it had to lead out of the gate.

No Doubt also released an album after what seemed like a million years away. It's not the best work they've ever done but the title track makes me shake my ass. Win.

What else? Gaslight Anthem and Drake dominated my iTunes this year. Seriously. Non stop. I think Drake's album came out in 2011 but tough nuts, I didn't get it til this year.

Chantal Claret used to sing in Morningwood, a fantastic band of dance rock music. 2 Chainz and Lana Del Rey started out as music I hated but came to love thanks to insistent friends and family. Mumford and Sons and Metric are bands I never thought I'd like but both put out front-to-back amazing albums this year.

M.I.A. is just the baddest chick in music.

Anyway, it's an all over the place mix, for sure. Hope you enjoy it.

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Vanessa said...

This! All of this.