Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'll follow you into the dark

I'm out back. In the alley.

That was the gist of the text message.

So I went. Out the door, no jacket. Down the block and around the corner. One more right turn and there you are.

It's dark and the alley is narrow - there's a car parked there. But it's just you and me now. 

Straight into your arms, your lips on mine. Two cold noses. It's passionate and cute and romantic.

Odd thoughts cross your mind when you kiss a handsome man in a sketchy alleyway. One of them being "oh, this is what it's like to kiss you standing up..." and of course, "what if someone sees us?"

And of course, we hear it. Footsteps. Behind us. We stop kissing and talk instead. Who knows what we talked about, and who knows if we fooled that guy. But they're gone now. You pull me across the alley, the the other side. You're against a chain link fence and I'm thinking "this is the most romantic kiss I've ever experienced."

But it's also cold and dark, and we're in an alley. We can't stay here forever. So we go back inside. Not together of course. 

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