Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Too fat for fashion?

Ok... first off I just want to say I know I have a lot of rants about stories revolving around fat people on this blog. I would like to point out I don't have an issue with fat people, per se. I have an issue with people who are fat and refuse to do anything about it, and seem to want the world to bend, stretch and tear for them.

I think ANYONE can be beautiful. You can be a size two or a 22 and look fan freakin' tastic (case in point, my friend Michelle, who ALWAYS looks pretty, and I'm not just saying that because she's my girl!)

But stuff like THIS pisses me off!

To summarize - this British writer, Tanya Gold, buys herself a fancy pants designer dress every year or so. It's her own little treat to herself, I get that. But it seems she put on some weight and is FLABBERGASTED she can't find a designer dress in a size 16.

Oh please lady!

I love the article, this woman is clearly a great writer, and if you read the story, she clearly did not get treated very well when she was at the stores. But I ask you this... when was the last time you've EVER seen a size 16 runway model for Chanel? Or Prada?

The answer is a big steaming pile of NEVER!

I'm sorry, but let's be realistic. I'm a size eight and I'm too fat for fashion, but I don't demand Prada give me answers as to why I don't fit their clothes. They know the answers as well as I do... if I just lose some damn weight, I will fit their clothes. 

Thems the facts kids, I don't make em' up, I just tell ya. Because I know!! Fashion is barely meant for THIN people!!! You have to be a skinny ass-anorexic mutherfucker!! 

I was actually moved to leave a comment on the Daily Mail site, in which I called a spade a spade (as I'm known to do). 

The question is: How long does it take you to write the article, call the PR people for all the brands, etc? In that time, you could have been on the treadmill burning off some calories for next year's shopping spree!!

Seriously, if there's something you don't like about yourself, like your weight, you can change that. Don't listen to people that try to convince you you're "meant to be" fat, that it's all genetics and you don't have a choice because it's BULLSHIT. You can control your weight, and once you do, you can buy the damn dress that's so important to you.

Just don't make me and the rest of the world feel bad because shit's not going your way! 

I'm just sayin'!!


Michelle said...

Awwww, thanks girl!

She eats fairy cakes (our equivalent of ho hos) and she can't figure out why? LOL.

Size 16 here is now considered plus size... HELL, I've seen size 12 in the plus size stores!

Akirah said...

I agree. There are many other things she can be devoting her time to. High fashion does not cater to the plus-sized. It's a fact we all have to accept.

Andhari said...

She'd be better off if she just accepts it. There are many cute plus sized stores. I don't like making fun out of fat people and 100% think that they deserve to dress pretty and all that too. But high fashion until now just don't cater it. She should try other stores.

FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

How about they make the clothes fit to me, AND give them to me for free? :)

Anyway, I don't like high fashion. I'm more into indie designers who are more than happy to customize things to your body.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I totally agree with you on this post. Size is definitely in our hands, we control what we eat and how much we need to sweat off to reach the weight that we would like to have. I went to the grocery with mom and there's this girl who's just about my age who bought tons and tons of fatty foods and was already snacking away on some chocolate bars while waiting to pay at the counter. She looks fatter than she did the last time I saw her, then there's this pharmacist who's just so skinny. I ran into her on her lunch break and she's snacking on an apple. The skinny folks keeps getting skinny and the fat lady just keeps getting fatter. And she wonders why people give her disgusting looks when she eats so much. tsk tsk...

Alianna said...

Maybe she was making all those calls while she was on the treadmill?

Seriously, high fashion doesn't often look good on the models parading it because it's not meant to look good, it's meant to make a statement. Designers are notoriously cliquey and they make size 8 and I think 10 and 12. If you're a celebrity they will make something for you - Maybe that was her plan?